Macintosh: Business Organization & Financing Plan

Scrambling to finance your business?

Biz Plan Builder – Business Plan Financing Templates for MS Office and Macintosh provides a series of concise, pre-written Microsoft® Word templates, Excel® financial workbooks and a PowerPoint® presentation — All easily customizable to suit your unique business needs using Microsoft Office. We’ve done most the authoring for you. There are no blank pages, there’s no writer’s block.

Professional business plan templates gives you a proven business plan complete with built-in financial models that have been thoroughly tested by thousands of businesses. (These have also been torture-tested with several billion dollars worth of investors over the years as well!)

Refined & updated since 1988

Backstory: Some friends at Apple loaned me their Mac and I started the company in 1988 with “MacBizPlan” — in my down-jacket out in my garage typing away… (Later, I had a version made for the evil empire and the rest is history.) Since then, we’ve been listening to customers and investors, as well as using our own business plan software to raise capital and lines of credit. 30 years! (OMG!) Making tools to help you get your idea into the world. More later, but for now, please keep reading…

BizPlanBuilder’s business plan templates have been refined longer than any other — That’s why the BizPlanBuilder version for the Mac is so widely accepted (and often referred) as the best business planning solution by so many banks, consultants, other entrepreneurs, the SBA, angel investors, and venture capitalists worldwide. It’s the fastest and easiest way of turning your ideas into a winning plan and a successful business.

Write a business plan for crowd funding, angel or VC investors with BizPlanBuilder business planning software templates

How these proven templates make it fast and easy for you to to write your business plan

The templates-only version of BizPlanBuilder is a collection of Word, Excel & PowerPoint templates that contain the very same content as the PC application. Unlike the Windows-based program with its document assembly system, we have taken the individual business planning pages, assembled and formatted them for you directly into complete Word-based business plans and Excel-based financial projection models for you — beautifully formatted documents that you can easily customize, edit and format to your liking using Word & Excel.

The best of hundred of plans built in!
Over the years, we’ve taken the best of hundreds of business planning components and incorporated them into a few great prototype documents you can use to easily write your business plan. If your business is even slightly different from vanilla, you’ll find that this method is far more robust than deconstructing and rebuilding a limited so-called industry-specific cookie-cutter business plan template. (Read the Reviews.) We’ve already done the work for you, plus we have been working with entrepreneurs, consultants and investors for 30 years.

With BizPlanBuilder business plan templates, you have everything you need

You can’t afford to take chances — go with the one business plan for Macintosh solution proven more than any other to produce an investor-grade business plan. Investors are asking more questions than ever and they want to be absolutely sure that everything is properly aligned before they’ll write you a check.

Some investors claim they want to see a 30-page plan (max), but before they’ll write you a check, they’ll ask enough questions to fill out another 30 pages! How you look an investor or banker in the eye with a thorough knowledge of your business will make all the difference in the world.

With BizPlanBuilder for Mac it’s never been easier to organize your ideas, see how sales and expense projections effect your bottom line, and quickly output professional-looking, beautifully formatted documents required by banks and investors — so you can get funded fast. 

  • Reorganize your company for greater growth
  • Have your people pulling in the same direction
  • Raise Angel or Venture Capital
  • Apply for an SBA-backed loan
  • Get support for a Not-for-Profit
  • File a plan to emerge from bankruptcy
  • Easily make changes to go after new opportunities!

Write a business plan for crowd funding, angel or VC investors with BizPlanBuilder business planning software templates

Expert comments throughout provide step-by-step guidance

Write a business plan for crowd funding, angel or VC investors with BizPlanBuilder apple mac business planning software templates experts comments throughout the software

The next best thing to having us do the work for you is to have an expert sitting next to you as you write your business plan. Throughout every section, expert advice, comments and suggestions explain what to do and why. (Only you will see them—they don’t print.)

The financial models in BizPlanBuilder also include roll-over help on all key number-entry cells.

The Handbook of Business Planning included with BizPlanBuilder also provides a wealth of experience, ideas and information, plus a variety of additional tools to help you build your business and manage it more effectively with or without outside financing.

“Very easy to learn and use… I’ve seen no other business plan package that comes close to what this one can do.
Overall Rating: A+
Joe Miller, Editor’s Choice Magazine

Everything included to raise capital

  • Complete business plan template you can easily customize using Word
  • Two Excel-based financial models
  • Proven PowerPoint investor “pitch” deck template

Business plan software template for mac macintosh

Professional looking financial projections

Write a business plan with Apple Macintosh for crowd funding, angel or VC investors with BizPlanBuilder business planning software templates - investor analysis

Whether you’re writing a formal business plan for investors or developing a meaningful forecast for your business, BizPlanBuilder incorporates a full set of business financial models. They are completely configured, fully integrated and tastefully formatted using Excel® workbooks. (They work the same as in the Windows-based system). Click them open, then click along the tabs at the bottom to access each page… You’ll see, they’re very comprehensive, straight-forward and credible.

There’s no need to be a spreadsheet or financial expert. We created “Assumptions” pages to make it easy for you to enter, update and experiment with your business model. All formulas have been developed and independently tested by qualified and practicing business consultants who hold valid CPA certifications.

BizPlanBuilder’s financial models are straight-forward and show all of the math — Just enter your sales, expense, growth and other assumptions, and let BizPlanBuilder run the calculations. You can easily see “what-if” when you change scenarios. Easily produce investment-grade financial statements ready for angels, venture capitalists and any bank. We also integrated the following worksheets so you can engineer the best financing deal for your business:

  • Sensitivity Analysis (We invented a unique 1-page “best/worse” case comparison worksheet)
  • Business Valuation (3 common models + the average of all 3)
  • Capitalization Table (Helps you plan stock allocation)
  • Investor “deal” analysis (How much will investors make; How much will you make?)

The “Use of Proceeds Summary” table suggests levels of investment required over 9/12/18/24 month periods — enabling you to prioritize your cash requirements to reach certain valuation milestones desired by most sophisticated investors. (When you understand this, you will realize why your deal will work and others won’t!)


No Application Included – Edit with Word and Excel!

Although the Windows “wizard” is not there, we have already assembled the documents for you — for easy editing and formatting in Word. We hope to have a cross-platform product out within the next 6 months that is collaborative for all of our users. We will honor our 6-month free upgrade to you at the time that product becomes available…

Includes this Informative Video

“The Thinking Behind Your Business Plan”

What investors, lenders and others are looking for in your business plan, your presentation and YOU…

Watch this 90-minute video on your computer. Business Power Tools founder and CEO Burke Franklin talks to a group of entrepreneurs about the various aspects of business planning, and about the audience to whom you are presenting your business idea and plan.

At risk of being politically incorrect at times, he’s very real, he’s been there, done that, and really wants to help you to understand the process and pitfalls.

VIDEO: Burke Franklin discusses how to write a business plan in the 90 minute video

Road-Test for 60-Days Risk-Free

sample busines legal software template guarantee

Sometimes the best way to see if something fits what you are doing is to just try it. When you download BizPlanBuilder now, you can see how well it handles your specific needs and fits the nuances that make your business unique. If it’s not right for you, we will pay you back—there’s nothing to ship, no taxes, and you can keep the software anyway (your karma can be the judge!).

This is not a software application – Our template solution offers a series of professionally-written sample business plan templates that you can customize using MS Word & MS Excel into completed documents you can present to any investor or lender for funding. If you’re looking for a wizard-driven app, with video direction, to write a business financing plan and investor presentation Write your business plan online with web-based BizPlanBuilder Online!