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From a Film Industry Veteran…

“Hello Burke,
At the time I bought Jian, all my research and referrals reflected that you had the best business plan builder available. I’ll tell you why:
1. Jian software is the only “truly” interactive software that will aid the novice in “creating” the text that goes into making their plan.
2. the usual business plan software are a simple advisory template as to the text needed for that heading which simply leaves beginners wondering WTF do I write!
3. The best reason as to why I bought your BizPlanBuilder is the word of mouth. All the referrals in the show business world, of which i am a part of, consider Jian the best.

Currently all the 37 million business plan software products available for sale, trial, or “free download” contain the same stupid format and headings as do all the others. It’s like they stole the verbiage from each other. Plus they bait and switch the customer into purchasing their services as a business plan builder. Just thought I would give you an ‘atta boy.’ Thank you!”
Gary Troy,


$205,000 Loan for Movie Theater

“Thanks to your fabulous “BizPlan ” software, my partners and I have successfully secured a loan for $205,000 to establish our first Movie Theater. This was the best $100 we ever spent. I think the best part is this was the first business plan we ever did or the first business we ever attempted.

Though we have eight months of research and study involved. We honestly feel our loan was approved because we used your program. We cannot thank you enough. Feel free to contact me if you would like further information on our company. Thanks Again!!!!”
Jeff Jackson, Image Theaters, Laurinburg, NC


$1,500,000 for Adult Entertainment Club

“A few years ago, I was involved in the Adult Entertainment Business and decided that I wanted to open up my own club. I looked high and low to find the best business planning software that I could find. Yours was it.

After using your software and tweaking it to suit my needs, I had an amazing finished product. I can’t remember being that proud of something that I had accomplished up to that point.

I started to hand out the plan to who I considered were qualified prospects to get money from, private individuals who could see and appreciate what I was trying to accomplish. I handed out 8 copies of my plan. I immediately received $400,000.00 of the 1.5 million that I was looking for from 3 different individuals. Then I handed it to someone who after having it for 3 days called me to have a meeting with him. He asked me to give back the $400K and told me it was the best business plan he had ever read.

He said over the last few years he had been wined and dined by business people and attorneys who wound up not knowing squat (his word) about business. He appreciated the fact that my plan didn’t nickel and dime him to death and that it all made sense. He then wrote me a check for the $1.5 million on the spot with amazing terms!!!

Thank you doesn’t say enough.”
Jeff Richman


“The WP format is terrific as is are improved spreadsheets & BizPlanBuilder is much guided to production!
Jack Carpenter, Telemedia Systems, Las Vegas, NV


“I used BizPlanBuilder to build this business which is now a million dollar business. We just signed a deal with Disney and with the Discovery channel and I owe quite a bit of that knowledge and experience to the business plan… We raised $100,000 with the product
Don Ridson, Santa Cruz, CA, San Francisco Small Business Expo


“You have a good customer service department!
Glenn Cashmore, C/O ABC-KGTV, San Diego, CA


“Nice documentation with the software.
Rosa Warper, Straight Ahead Productions, Oakland, CA


Mark Corlett, Avid Systems, Toronto, Ontario


“Straight forward and easy to use. Sure wish I had this in college!
Patrick Barry, STB Interactive Multimedia, Port Jefferson, NY


“Excellent product!
Michael Seifert, Media Engineers, Inc.


“BizPlanBuilder is an easy, yet thorough helping hand. It allowed me to complete my business plan in record time; it left nothing out.
Michelle MacLean, MVP Productions, Agoura, CA


“We work at the cutting edge of special effects technology. The newest and greatest of devices and software changes quickly. With the rapid growth of our business, we bought the BizPlanBuilder as a fine efficient tool.
Amy Bishop, Phaedrus Productions, Santa Monica, CA

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BizPlanBuilder - Business plan planning software template online raise capital live plan bizplan proWrite a winning business plan for your organization quickly and efficiently. BizPlanBuilder’s organized system of sample business plan templates are managed through a secure cloud-based dashboard, with a Word-like editor, flexible Excel-based financial models, PowerPoint presentation template and a variety of supporting docs all at your fingertips…

It’s the fastest and easiest way of turning your ideas into an investment-grade business plan and a successful business. BizPlanBuilder has been vetted with banks, SBA lenders, angel investors, and venture capitalists worldwide with more financing successes than any other app of its kind!

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