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and Construction Companies

bizplan business plan software template works for construction companies and contractors

“Simply the best business plan I have come across.”
Mark Mantione, Double M Building Inc., Riverside, CT


“Thank you.”
Jaime Diaz, Accolade Concrete, Fairfield, CA


“Thank you. I haven’t found any similar and excellently documented formats anywhere.”
M. Gregory Cantori, Creative Housing Corporation, Baltimore, MD


“Keep on going!”
Paul Turnpaugh, Mill Direct Carpet Service, Friday Harber, WA


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Successfully Selling Your Contracting or Construction Business



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Business Power Tools Package Deal for Contractors
Solves Costly and Painful Problems All at Once


bizplan bizplanbuilder business strategic plan model planning software template freeBusiness Plan System
Everything You Need for Financing / Loans

Writes a professional business plan for your construction business quickly and efficiently.

Whether you’re looking for a loan to buy more trucks or to finance a project, use BizPlanBuilder to think it through and present a compelling proposal to your bank or investors.

Its organized system of sample business plan templates, flexible financial models, PowerPoint presentation template can be accessed 24/7 online.

Using BizPlanBuilder is the fastest and easiest way of turning your contracting business into a successful contracting empire. It’s been proven with banks, SBA lenders, and angel investors worldwide with more financing successes than any other.

  • 30+ years refinement
  • Professionally formatted
  • Windows / Macintosh
  • Subscribe separately for $97/yr (See Package Deal Offer Below)
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construction employee record keeping database HR software systemEffectively Tracks Your Employee Data and
Manages All of Your Personnel Files

At a time when it’s imperative to keep organized, consistent, and accurate records on all employees, HR File Builder (formerly Employee File Builder) can provide you with the best possible documentation.

Secure, professional record-keeping system safeguards your company
With personnel records kept in one centralized system, multiple authorized users can gain instant access to the information they need, when they need it. Evaluating employee performance, making recommendations, preparing reports, and backing up personnel decisions and policies has never been easier.

In the event personnel or legal problems ever develop, you can be confident of having the necessary records and documentation to back you up.

Subscribe separately for $97/yr (See Package Deal Offer Below)

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best construction osha iipp safety training plan handbook software template 2024OSHA Injury & Illness Prevention Training System
Produces a Written Safety Manual — Keeps OSHA Out of Your Pocket!

Safety Plan Builder software helps you publish a custom illness and injury prevention manual to quickly and easily comply with OSHA, avoid lawsuits, train your employees, and provide a safe workplace.

Covers 161 Safe Work Practice categories. All elements of your safety plan are pre-written. Select the appropriate sections for your business or industry, then customize the paragraphs.

Menus help you select the paragraphs appropriate to your state. Contains over 250 pre-written pages of industry-specific Safe Work Practices — and we keep it up to date for you. Now you can publish your complete safety handbook in a few minutes and be compliant in all 50 states.

  • Easily edit or reformat to your requirements
  • Windows / Macintosh
  • Includes ongoing updates to keep you current
  • Subscribe separately for $147/yr (See Package Deal Offer Below)
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free construction Employee policies handbook software template shrm 2024Produces Your Workplace Employee Policies
Fends Off the Labor Board and Other BS…

In the construction business, you have all kinds of people working for you…

And it’s crucial that you establish your HR policies and publish a comprehensive policy handbook to keep them in line. Developed with HR Experts, successful entrepreneurs, and psychologists (+ we are a member of SHRM), this personnel policy manual provides excellent management training, ensures that employees are treated fairly and protects you from lawsuits and the labor board!

Comments throughout explain issues and give direction. Includes everything you need to plan, develop & implement your employee policies and produce a comprehensive employee office policy handbook. 24/7 secure access online — and we keep it up to date for you.

  • Pre-written sample employee policy handbook with 200+ employee policies & procedures
  • Includes 60+ supplemental forms & 10 Federal posters
  • Easily edit or reformat to your requirements — Give employees online access or export a copy to Word and print
  • Includes comprehensive Handbook of Employee Policies & Procedures Guide (PDF)
  • 30+ years refinement
  • Includes ongoing updates to keep you current
  • Subscribe separately for $147/yr (See Package Deal Offer Below)
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Package Deal Offer Just for Contractors

ALL of the Above: $297 / year

Now you can solve / prevent a bunch of problems all at once!

Add more users (partners, employees, consultants…) for just $1 / mo. each

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sample busines legal software template guarantee

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Expert Support from a Contractor’s Contractor!

Since 1999, Construction Programs & Results, Inc. ( has helped thousands of general and specialty contractors of all types build stronger, more profitable businesses. We offer business management assistance to construction-related companies in the U.S. and Canada (and 23 other countries so far), with books and training programs available on our website. We also provide coaching, consulting and expert witness services.

Michael Stone, Construction Programs & Results, Inc.

Michael Stone is a graduate of Eastern Oregon University, with a degree in Business & Construction Management and Computer Science. His expertise lies in business management solutions and computer software programs for the residential construction industry.

Michael’s book, Markup and Profit; A Contractor’s Guide (1998) and the revised edition, Markup and Profit; A Contractor’s Guide Revisited (2012) focus on the subject of overhead and profit margins for the residential and light commercial construction industry. This best selling business management book is considered an industry standard and is used by construction associations and educational providers in many states to teach the fundamentals of overhead and profit margins, and business management to general and specialty contractors of all types.

His 30+ years of experience in residential remodeling and specialty sales is shared in his book, Profitable Sales, A Contractor’s Guide. Primarily for residential construction sales, Michael addresses how to prepare for a sales call, how to conduct a sales call, how to be a salesperson and how to employ a salesperson.

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