Burke Franklin is an entrepreneur, author, and speaker who is best known for creating BizPlanBuilder business plan software and founding Business Power Tools, the company behind a massive collection of management tools for entrepreneurs, business owners and their advisors. He has over 40 years of experience in business and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses. Burke is also the author of several books, including "Business Black Belt" which provides practical advice for entrepreneurs and small business owners on how to build successful businesses. He is also a popular speaker and has given talks on entrepreneurship, business planning, and marketing at conferences and events around the world. Burke Franklin is a strong advocate for entrepreneurship and believes that anyone can start and grow a successful business with the right tools and mindset. He is committed to helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals and has dedicated his career to providing the resources and support they need to succeed.

License Your Idea, Invention, or Product

Why Build a Business When You Can Make More Money Faster By Licensing Your Product to a Large, Well-Financed Company with the Infrastructure, Distribution, and Sales Force Already in Place?   Paint a Promising Picture. Collect Money. Do it With a Compelling Plan, Financial Projection, and Pitch Deck. Easy and Fast. How to Build Your…

Growing the Entrepreneur’s Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, and Mental Toughness as a Conscious Capitalist

Let’s Say Your Business… Is Your Dojo Here’s How to Learn From It. To Use Your Business as Path of Personal Development, Here’s 40+ Years Worth of Wisdom to Expand Your Emotional Intelligence… To Broaden Self-Awareness in Enlightened Entrepreneurs Who Want to Survive and Thrive, Make Money, Enjoy Themselves, and Grow Personally. Business Black Belt…

video - what angel venture capital investors look for business plan

Video – How to Write a Business Plan:
Your “Business Location”

VIDEO – What investors, lenders, acquirers look for in your business and in your plan — What to think about as you edit the “Business Location” section of your business plan and what investors and lenders (crowdfund, angel, venture capital, SBA) look for as they consider funding or buying your start up or growing company.